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Our company has been working for more than 15 years in the segment of confection and personalization of T-shirts, and in e-commerce with the objective of bringing convenience by buying from your home, we bring a super platform of editing and personalization for the shirts to take your face. Quality, variety and loyalty to our customers are the criteria used by our team to select the products we offer. We seek the result of 100% satisfaction with our customers. All in one place, here in our virtual store.

We are at your disposal,

Razão Social: Elialdo Peres Ferreira Comunicação Visual ME

Nome Fantasia: Fábrica Central


CNPJ: 08300009/0001-20

Sede: Rua Saint Pieri, 143 - Cravinhos-SP

We have physical store and E-commerce,

Orders can be made through our website, with delivery via the post office.


We do not make exchanges, withdraw products and do not accept returns at this address.

In case of exchanges (defects) or returns, send email to [email protected]



Fábrica Central.