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Upload Terms

We are not responsible for content or messages transmitted by uploaded files by our customers.

We do not manufacture or customize any type of product with images or texts that would violate the rights of religion, race, color, gender, or defend ideologies that transgress the law.  


The law that governs copyright in Brazil is Law No. 9.610 / 98. It gives moral and patrimonial protection to the authors of intellectual works. 

How to proceed

There are 4 simple steps

1. Search in trusted sources for the image you want to use.

2. Check the license associated with the image: some can only be used in the original format, others have "All Rights Reserved", "All Rights Reserved" or "Creative Commons By", others are in the public domain, etc.

3. Each license requires a different act. See the one that best suits the case. In some, you must pay the author for the use, in others the use is free, etc.

4. Always cite the image's authorship, unless, by express authorization of the author, it is otherwise agreed. However, it is worth mentioning that it is an inalienable and inalienable act, so there will be no guarantee that you will not be processed in the future by the creator of the work.